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Young entrepreneur launches ‘STEM’ Learning Tool

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September 2020

Science Teacher and Founder of STEM Builders Learning Hub, Kavelle Hylton.

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 04 Sep 2020    communications   

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are often seen as challenging subjects.

However, Science Teacher and Founder of STEM Builders Learning Hub, Kavelle Hylton, has created an interactive virtual space where students and parents can have access to learning resources to change this narrative.

STEM Builders Learning Hub is the Caribbean’s first online tutoring platform dedicated to providing a collaborative and engaging space where students and parents can access STEM learning materials and educational support from registered tutors.

“The learning hub was launched on July 31 and is centred around providing an array of STEM resources to reignite teachers and students with a passion for STEM education. It also explores the use of technology in education, which has become more popular since the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” Ms. Hylton tells JIS News.

She points out that the platform, which can be accessed at, allows tutors to offer online one-on-one lessons in more than 40 STEM subjects to support learning and assessment at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.“Tutors can create virtual classrooms where they can interact directly with individual students in real-time, while incorporating content from the website as well as their material,” she shares.

Ms. Hylton notes that a latent function of the STEM Builders Learning Hub is to create a rebirth of science and technology in Jamaica.

“Though there have been noted improvements in STEM subjects, the statistics also show that students still require greater learning support and a positive attitude shift towards these subjects, and that is what the STEM Builders Learning Hub seeks to provide, alongside the Government’s efforts,” she explains.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has allocated more than $384.5 million for STEM-related areas within the school system.

“The resources available on the platform cover all stages and phases of STEM education that are taught in schools. In fact, in preparation for this year’s CXC and CAPE examinations, hundreds of students subscribed to STEM Builders Learning Hub YouTube channel, stembuildersjm. They took advantage of the free revision lessons, past-paper reviews, as well as tips and tricks, to be successful in their exams that were made available,” Ms. Hylton says.

She notes that consultations are free and users only pay for what they need, as there is no subscription or registration fee.

The website can be accessed from any smart device. Tutors can sign up for free and start offering their services once their qualifications and information provided have been verified by the STEM Builders Learning Hub team.

“My hope for Jamaica when it comes to STEM is that the nation becomes aware and appreciative of the importance of STEM education in society. Jamaica has so much more to offer than just sports, tourism and music. It is through STEM that some of our more popular industries strive,” Ms. Hylton tells JIS News.

Ms. Hylton was recently recognised as a winner of the US Embassy’s inaugural cohort of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) ‘Pitch Your AWEsome Dream’ competition.

She now serves as President/Coordinator of the AWE Alumni Association, Jamaica Chapter.

Source: JIS

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